Our Industry

...a dynamic and diversified company.

...At our core, Bubemi Smith Plc is an Engineering and Technological company, committed to excellence and innovation across multiple industries. Our corporate family includes a range of specialized subsidiaries, each excelling in their respective fields, working together to create a powerful force in the business world.

Meet The Team

The board of Directors

"One way of treading the road to greatness is to have a dream. Next is to pursue it. And, indeed, the ability to stand firm and defy seeming obstacle and discouragement is what brings about one’s greatness. Without the least angst, Bubemi Smith Plc provides the platform for such greatness. It handsomely embraces ideas, innovations and dynamism. And in ensuring that things are done right, the organization emphasizes on diligence, commitment and sincerity in it's discharge of services."

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Chairman/ GMD
Edward  A.B. Egbe


COO/ Director 
Iyibio E. Mkpa Esq.

Managers, Sales & Tech

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Emmanuel I. Ndukwe


Jewelna F. Bassey


Safiya Hamza

Our Subsidiaries 


White Smith Group Limited

White Smith Group supply the industry’s most comprehensive range of products and services in Engineering and Technology.  A project delivery company with vast experience in the oil and gas industry, infrastructure, FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) and power sectors having operations in Nigeria & West Africa.


White Smith Construction Company Ltd

White Smith Construction Company LTD is building a better future with an unwavering focus on quality roads and buildings, White Smith construction company provides general construction, project management, estimating, and skilled craftsmenship to exceed expectations on every job. And, we do this in every industry we serve. Our sustainable construction practices make White Smith an easy to work with,  and easy to trust  commercial construction company.


White Smith & Lloyd LTD

White Smith & Lloyd LTD as a marine logistics company, has demonstrated consistency, expertise, and professionalism, since her involvement in Marine Logistics and has since built the reputation, capacity, a strong customer base and an admirable record of excellent performance in the sector. Providing capital dredging and maintenance works, land and swamp reclamation, dredging and stockpiling, canalization and port sweeping works within Nigeria. Our fleet operates within Nigeria; however, our technical capabilities can be extended to any part of the Globe.

BSP Marine

White Smith Ltd

White Smith LTD offers flight support services in Nigeria, in Africa and all around the world. We specialize in providing a wide range of Aviation based services to Corporate, Charter and cargo operators at your airports of entry.

Also White Smith LTD offers a portfolio of logistics products and solutions ranging from domestic and international parcel delivery to international express, road, air and ocean freight to end-to-end supply chain management.