OUR MISSION AND VISION MISSION To harness the great potentials in Africa in bringing sustainable […]


Our services span across, Marine Logistics and Dredging, Oil and Gas Services, Construction,  Solid Minerals […]

Our Industry

…a dynamic and diversified company. …At our core, Bubemi Smith Plc is an Engineering and […]

OUR MISSION AND VISION MISSION To harness the great potentials in Africa in bringing sustainable […]

Our Industry

…a dynamic and diversified company. …At our core, Bubemi Smith Plc is an Engineering and […]


Our services span across, Marine Logistics and Dredging, Oil and Gas Services, Construction,  Solid Minerals […]





  • To harness the great potentials in Africa in bringing sustainable development in human capacity building in Africa.
  • To bring environmentally friendly approach and green energy to products and services.
  • To be the service partner of choice for potential customers.
  • To be renowned as a forward-thinking, progressive organization operating in line with the best interests of clients and employees is a key aspect.


  • Be the best in service delivery and human capacity building and development.
  • Flawlessly executing services is our top priority, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and technical expertise.
  • Providing a safe, rewarding, inclusive, and sustainable career platform for employees.
  • Focusing on the growth and development of the oil and gas industry and differentiating through progressive thinking, ethical practices, and core values.

About Bubemi Smith Plc

Bubemi Smith Plc is the parent company overseeing the operations of a diverse group of subsidiaries, collectively known as the White Smith Group. Our core focus lies in Marine Logistics, Oil & Gas, Construction, Dredging, Solid Minerals and Agribusiness, making us a multifaceted entity in Engineering and Technology.

Oil & Gas and Marine Logistics: Bubemi Smith Plc is involved in marine logistics, which includes services related to shipping, transportation, and port operations.

  1. Vessel Management and Chartering:
    • Bubemi Smith Plc manages vessels, including cargo ships, tankers, and offshore support vessels. They handle chartering, crewing, maintenance, and compliance.
    • Chartering involves leasing vessels to clients for specific routes or time periods.
  2. Port Operations and Agency Services:
    • They provide agency services at ports, acting as intermediaries between shipowners, port authorities, and other stakeholders.
    • These services include documentation, customs clearance, berthing arrangements, and cargo handling.
  3. Logistics Support:
    • Bubemi Smith Plc assists with cargo logistics, ensuring efficient movement from ship to shore and vice versa.
    • They coordinate loading, unloading, storage, and distribution of goods.
  4. Offshore Services:
    • In the oil and gas sector, they support offshore exploration, production, and maintenance.
    • This includes crew transfers, supply vessels, and logistics for offshore platforms.
  5. Safety and Compliance:
    • Bubemi Smith Plc adheres to safety regulations, environmental standards, and industry best practices.
    • They ensure vessels comply with international maritime laws.


Construction: Bubemi Smith Plc engages in construction projects, including infrastructure development and building construction.

  1. Types of Construction:
    • Civil Engineering: Involves infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, dams, and airports.
    • Residential Construction: Building homes, apartments, and housing complexes.
    • Commercial Construction: Constructing offices, retail spaces, and industrial buildings.
    • Industrial Construction: Focused on factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.
    • Specialized Construction: Includes projects like hospitals, schools, and sports arenas.
  2. Cost Management:
    • Balancing expenses and quality.
    • Safety: Ensuring a safe working environment.
    • Sustainability: Using eco-friendly materials and practices.
  3. Construction Management:
    • Overseeing projects, coordinating resources, and ensuring timely completion.

Dredging: Bubemi Smith Plc plays a significant role in the dredging industry through its subsidiary companies. Here are some ways we contribute:

  1. Dredging Operations: Bubemi Smith Plc is involved in actual dredging activities, including maintaining and deepening waterways, channels, and ports. We use specialized equipment to remove sediment and create navigable paths for ships and vessels.
  2. Infrastructure Development: We participates in infrastructure projects related to dredging. This includes capital dredging for new ports, land reclamation for urban development, and creating artificial islands.
  3. Environmental Management: Bubemi Smith Plc focuses on sustainable dredging practices. We address environmental concerns by managing dredged material, ensuring proper disposal, and minimizing ecological impact.
  4. Research and Innovation: We invest in research and development to improve dredging techniques, equipment, and efficiency. Innovations in dredging technology benefit the entire industry.

Agribusiness: In the agribusiness sector, we focus on agriculture-related activities such as farming, processing, and distribution.

Solid Minerals: Bubemi Smith Plc is involved in mining and processing solid minerals like coal, limestone, and metals.

Engineering and Technology: Our multifaceted approach extends to engineering and technology, where we innovate and implement solutions across various fields.

Our approach is an innovation in business operations. We are taking your satisfaction as a standard for our accomplishment.

We are a corporation that is proactive in these challenging global developments and climate change for a cleaner environment.

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Our Subsidiaries

White Smith Ltd

White Smith & Lloyd Ltd

White Smith Construction Company Ltd

White Smith Group Limited

Our International Partners in Aviation and Medical Robotics

landing Instrument 734

ILS 734 Is used to form high-frequency signals in the area, the reception of which provides the aircraft with information about its location toward flight strip during landing approach and landing in condition of meteorological minima of I, II, III ICAO category.

Aviation Radio

is a radio beacon that combines a conventional VHF omnidirectional range (CVOR) with a distance measuring equipment (DME). The CVOR allows the receiver to measure its bearing to or from the beacon, while the DME provides the slant distance between the receiver and the ground station.

Virtual Reality is the new innovation in training, education and entertainment. We design programs using VR Technology according to the client needs, which reduces cost and better immersed teaching and learning.

Buster System

Robotics for Drugs Dispensary for Smart Hospitals  and Pharmacy
Buster System is a clever combination of hardware and software that allows the total identification,  traceability, and dispensing of pharmaceutical products at every process flow stage. BUSTER SYSTEM

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